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At The Gross Law Firm PLLC, we 

advocate justice, fairness and 

accountability by wrongdoers. Our firm has extensive expertise in many areas including employment law, personal injury and consumer law. For more details, please visit the areas of practice 
section of our site. We value our reputation,
experience and history of helping our clients rebuild their lives with successful 
litigation in the hope of preventing similar wrongdoing from happening in the future.  

Whether you have been injured in an 

accident, hurt on the job, wrongfully termination, experienced discrimination or harassment, been a victim of medical 

malpractice or been injured by someone 

else's negligence, we are here to help in 

anyway that we can. Our firm fights for 

justice and  fairness that not only our 

clients deserve but are entitled to under the law. Our clients rest assure that we are here for them to help with questions, concerns and the legal process. 

Our firm is committed to dedication and 

loyalty to our clients, day in and day out. We understand that legal matters can be overwhelming with questions, concerns, 

anxiety and uncertainty. We are dedicated 

to taking that burden off our clients' 

shoulders so that they can concentrate on

what really matters in their lives as well as the lives of their families. We strive to 

ensure that all of their questions and 

concerns are answered and ease their hardship. 

Dedication & Loyalty  

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